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Cleaning out my closets....

I keep hearing Eminen singing this in my head as I type. Every year about this time I get the urge to declutter, get organized and remodel. I jump on the new year, new you train every January. We are all stuck inside because of cool temperatures, so why not be productive? It’s great until I wear my husband out on the honey do list. If you are thinking of selling your home in the near future, now is the time to begin. Roomy closets can make or break a sale. Everyone loves storage and organization. When you put your home on the market, you get one shot at a first impression. Buyers love clean, roomy storage options. You don’t want them walking away thinking this closet is a mess and way to small for our stuff. Let’s begin with a clean slate. Easy, Peasy right? A good cleaning of course means vacuuming the floors but look at the walls. Are they beat up? Do they say some small creatures has been living here? Painting small spaces can be done quickly and it makes such a difference. Time to get organized. Purge those things you are no longer going to wear or use. Remember, we are shooting for roominess. If you don’t love it, let it go. If you have smaller closets, rotating seasonal wear is probably your best bet. The mountain of flip flops on the floor can be stored away until May and switched out for all your winter boots. Adding storage bins and organizers can make a big impact. This year on January 1, it was my sons closet that we decided to tackle. It was overflowing and no matter how much I tried to organize, it remained crowded. I have been preaching to my sellers for years to add the 2nd rod to their closets to maximize the space. I finally took my own advice. We painted the walls and added the 2nd rod/shelf. Wow, did it make the difference. Get the idea? I am sure it will inspire him to hang his clothes instead of shoving them in the corner…. A mom can dream can’t she?

Just remember, that when you put your home on the market, you are not just selling your home. You are selling a lifestyle. Think of a magazine photo or Pinterest board. Clean, pretty and stylish always help. Do we actually live that way? Maybe, maybe not. Do we want to feel organized and clean-you bet! You want your home to look and feel its best when those buyers come knocking.

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