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A Tale of Two Laundry Rooms

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

It was the most used of rooms, it was the worst of rooms, it was the age of quarantine, it was the age of home improvement, it was an epoch project, it was an epoch transformation! I am sure Charles Dickens would cringe at my take on his words but I thought it definitely fit. Our laundry room was dated, dirty and over due for an update. We have been in our home for 10 years. We purchased with the intention of making lots of improvements and updates. The bones and square footage were ideal for our family but the house was not so cute. There have been many projects over the years. The laundry room has always been on the list but just kept getting looked over.

The beginning of January we decided to finally tackle this sad little room. I am a huge Pinterest advocate and had been pinning away for laundry room inspiration. I kept leaning to a more bold, stylish flooring and I really wanted something warmer than tile. I found a vinyl tile at Lowes that I loved. It was groutable and inexpensive. The flooring went down very easy and I absolutely loved the outcome. I will keep you posted on the durability.

I was looking for a good storage option and saw no need in custom cabinets for a laundry room. I had chose to do a white or gray cabinet and Lowes carries both in stock. The gray felt warmer and I was sure the white would get dingy quickly.

The room also had a corner closet system that I had absolutely hated. It was the white, metal builder grade shelving that looked awful. Anything you put on the shelf constantly fell over. It drove me crazy. Our home has a rustic, industrial vibe so I knew the black iron pipe and reclaimed wood was a good fit for hanger system. Lowes has started a line for this kind of shelving. It simplified the process and allows for many options.

Now that the room was finished, I had my eye on one of the industrial rolling laundry hampers. I read a ton of reviews and kept finding negative comments about wheels falling off or clothes getting snagged. I found a heavy duty option on Amazon. I love them! Super easy to put together. Here's the link if you need one to. :)

The entire project was under $900 but it gives a more expensive impression. The room feels bigger, brighter and certainly not sad anymore. I still don't love doing laundry but at least it's in a pretty room now.

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